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Wealth Mapping for 2018

  • Would you love to get clarity on your BIG Dreams and Goals?
  • Find focus for those Dreams that are all over the place?
  • Find direction for the Dreams and Goals that are eluding you?
  • Receive tools and processes to have Money work FOR, rather than against you?

If you answered YES to even one of these questions – our Wealth Mapping Workshop for 2018 is for you!

Marnita and Nicky can guide you towards doing just that with our combined knowledge, experience and expertise around money and getting it to support your dreams and goals. We will teach you the tools and techniques on how to move past the fears that are holding you back, so that you can soar and prosper.

  • Do you feel you have a bigger purpose in life than what you are currently doing?
  • Are you stuck in a job you don’t like?
  • Do you want Financial Clarity to support your Big Dream?

Wealth Mapping is a full day workshop for anyone who is:

  • Looking to get MORE OUT OF LIFE.
  • STUCK in a career they don’t love and wanting a career change but money is in the way.
  • Wanting to do what they love every day and find out how to make it possible moneywise.

What if you could be paid to travel around the world?

What if you could be creative and make a difference to AIDS orphans?

Here a just a few examples of what is possible from those who have attended past similar workshops.

Thank you for the wealth mapping workshop, I have been promoting this to clients, as it’s brought much clarity to me.
After the workshop on Saturday, I received a message from a client to say she needed to see me urgently. I had only one client booked for the week at that time.
I booked her in for Monday and from then on, I received emails and messages and before I knew it, my week was filled with old and new clients – including an international Skype call.
The workshop content was inspiring, informative and exciting and well-presented. Bringing in the energy of money and partnering it with a vision board is such a unique way of presenting these topics. The main thing though, was although I had made a vision board before – I didn’t really know what else to do with it. I now have the knowledge to work with it every day and be focused.
Thank you and well done Marnita and Nicky 🙂
Cape Town, March 2018

I found that creating our personal dream map was a very powerful exercise. This was the opportunity to focus on my personal dreams and then to create a visual representation of that dream. It provides a daily focus on where I want to be.
I also found the WIG to be very powerful. I have never really done this exercise before and my WIG just came out without effort. It took no prolonged deliberation. I was surprised but then realised it matched my deepest longing. I know I have a purpose and this is the first time that I found clarity about my purpose. And it fits with the definition of a Wildly Improbable Goal so I like the result.
Vincent Staples. Retired and pensioned without a pension
Cape Town, March 2018

Miracles come to mind as I express my utmost gratitude to Nicky and Marnita for the amazing growth I’ve experienced since attending their Wealthmapping workshop just over a week ago.
Diligently focusing daily on my Dream Map, ‘Wildly Improbable Goal’ and ‘Future Imagined Memory’ as taught on the course, I ruefully found myself asking the Universe five days later – “How on earth am I going to get through month end after the work I was depending on got postponed due to the Cape Town water crisis?”
Two days later, totally out of the blue, I had a call from the UK from a family member wanting to send me part of a bonus they’d received – this part being £1000 (R16725). To my surprise, I also discovered a personal debt of R33500, from a year and a half previously, had been written off completely without my knowledge. Furthermore, the following day I was informed that SARS would be giving me a rebate of R4100.
Thanks to Nicky and Marnita, I’m on my way to having a fabulous relationship with money that I intend to honour and nurture!
Cape Town, March 2018

Two days after doing his Dream Mapping and Goal Setting Workshop, Darren MacDonald quit his corporate job and took the leap of faith to follow his passion. He started his business Soul Adventures and is now living his dream of taking people on expeditions up the world’s biggest mountains.

Sue Northam came up with BIG Dream to live an island lifestyle with a man and a cat. She was single at the time and is now living the dream in Cape Town as a consultant married to an amazing man, with a cat and a son.

Nicky Davies came up with a BIG Dream to own and run an internationally renowned mind psychology healing centre having no experience in medicine or healing at all. Today she is not only facilitating workshops like this Wealth Mapping workshop but has clients all around the world and has been asked to be an EFT (tapping) ambassador in South Africa.

Yvonne Moore resigned from her corporate job within months of doing her Dream Mapping Workshop and is now doing what she loves building her own business.

Wealth Mapping is a full day workshop for anyone who is:

  • Help you get CLEAR on your Big Dreams and Goals
  • Help you find FOCUS and DIRECTION for these Big Dreams
  • Give you practical TOOLS to have the Money show up to support that

By the end of this workshop you will have:

  • Shifted your limiting beliefs and money blocks
  • CLARITY on the future direction for your life
  • ACTION steps for 2018
  • TOOLS to help you increase your wealth
  • An understanding of how to MAKE MONEY WORK FOR YOU and not against you

As wealth mapping facilitators, we have found that the number one thing stopping most people from living their dream life is money.

If this is true for you, this workshop will help you to Map your Wealth for 2018. This will enable you to start living your dreams today to create wealth in all areas of your life, full of purpose, fulfilment and fun.

We’d love to work with you on your dreams, goals and vision for your life and teach you how to add wealth to the mix so that you can make that happen.

There is no better time than now.

Your investment will be R1500 and ten (10) hours of your time.

In return you will receive a Wealth Vision Map, a workbook and practical tools to take away with you.

Tea, coffee and coffee will be provided.

If you sign up by Friday, 28 September 2018 you only need to invest R1200 !!

This is an investment in you. An investment in your big dreams and your future.

The tools, support and direction you receive on the day will set you up for success on your journey.

“Register Now”

Wealth Mapping is a full day workshop for anyone who is:

  • When: Saturday 27 October
  • Where: Midrand, Gauteng (full details on registration)
  • Investment: R1500
  • Once you have registered your interest you will receive sign up details and how to make payment.
  • If booked and paid by 28 September 2018 only R1200
  • More Info:

Marnita and Nicky

Marnita Oppermann

is a Mindful Money Coach with a background in Corporate Accounting.

We all have a money story. Your relationship with money starts the day that you are born, and will even outlive you, when your estate is finalised! Marnita’s own money transformation story has led her to become a mindful money coach and through this help others transform this vital part of their lives. She has walked the journey every step of the way, from having a relationship with money based on scarcity, fear and overwhelming debt; to a life of abundance, joy, support and a solid partnership with money.

She facilitates money mindset workshops, hosts online money courses, as well as works with individual clients, both locally and internationally, to transform their relationship with money and so, enable them to reach their full potential and live their best lives!

Nicky Davies

is the Change Catalyst and owns and runs an international healing business called TowardsHealth.

Nicky helps people all over the world who may be stuck in a career they don’t like, a life that’s not working for them, a health condition that’s dragging them down or a lifestyle they don’t want and she works with them to change it.

Nicky helps these people change to full health, or to a career, life or lifestyle that they love and which works for them. The way Nicky works is a bit like a personal trainer in that she designs personalised tools, processes and methods to transform the problem situation while continually being alongside her clients to support, guide and cheer them on. She has helped clients in Australia, UK, Europe, South Africa and parts of the US. These therapies can be done in the comfort of your own home via the internet or in person at sessions in Cape Town.



  • When: Saturday 27 October
  • Where: Midrand, Gauteng (full details on registration)
  • Investment: R1500
  • Once you have registered your interest you will receive sign up details and how to make payment.
  • If booked and paid by 28 September 2018 only R1200
  • More Info:

Testimonials from the workshop:

  • “The outcome blew my mind. I would recommend it to anyone – even people who think they know their goals and how to reach them, as they will see how the outcome can actually be something even greater.” Cape Town – June 2016
  • I’ve found the courage to hand in my notice to my landlord and look for a new abode!! One with a consultation room. And then I found a South African plant spirit medicine course (most courses I have researched have been overseas). So my life really is changing in a good way! Cape Town – June 2016
  • I had so much fun doing the workshop and love the interactive way in which it is run. I felt like the dream map really helped me to see what I value the most in life. My dream map comes across as inspirational, light and exciting to me! I look forward to witnessing my dreams come into fruition! Aneeka
  • When I arrived, I didn’t have any pre conceived ideas of where the Dream Mapping workshop would take me but I was very happy with the outcome. What came up for me is that I am craving creativity in my day to day life and that I am really heading in the direction of my life purpose. Thank you Nicky for facilitating this process in your gentle and inspiring way. Definitely worth the time and effort!! Alison M.O.M. Diary
  • “Thank you Nicky Davies for helping me get clear on my dreams and goals and direction in life. This all makes perfect sense. I was surprised at how drawn I felt towards being creative in my own home space. It was an awesome day xxx” Cape Town – July 2016
  • Wow! A workshop everyone should attend! Thank you for making Goal Setting so easy! Cape Town – December 2016
  • “Yesterday (four days after the workshop) I got a joboffer/opportunity to help out for 3 weeks as an all costs paid tourguide, helper in January to go to Botswana, Namibia and Cape Town!! And get paid” Cape Town – December 2016
  • I have soo much to share about this workshop. It ignited a fire in me that I felt was long burnt out. Even when you see my pictures from the workshop, you can see how happy I was. I finally connected with my passion and my dream and allowed myself to surrender to the process. With the practical tips that we got, I am seeing how my goals and desires can come to be and it is much better and more fulfilling than I expected. My dream map had soo many messages to me that I am only getting to understand now. The people at work say I have changed, one asked why I was smiling to myself today. It is because I know that I am here for a bigger purpose:-). Thanks Nicky Davies Johannesburg – October 2017
  • I’ve attended Nicky’s Dream Mapping & Goal Setting workshop last year and it was life changing – so much has shifted and changed since doing the workshop. Cape Town

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Johannesburg Workshop – Saturday 27 October

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