Shift Your Energy NOW 

Shift Your Energy Now

How to shift your energy

As you move through

this process, each step

is designed to shift your

energy in a subtle, yet

powerful way.


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This process is designed to take you from where you are to where you want to be.

Each step will help you reach for a better feeling thought from where you are.

As you know you can’t go from a spiral down the rabbit hole into a negative tailspin, straight to feeling ontop of the world.

Use this anytime you feel stuck in your business, you struggle to bring in clients or money or infact anytime you’re feeling not so good. Shifting your energy, no matter what you’re going through, will have a knock on effect on everything in your life, not just your business.

This is what’s not working right now:



This is how that makes me feel:





These are the new feelings I’m aiming for:



These are the new experiences I will have:








Step 1

Set an intention right now, stop what you’re doing and give yourself permission for a 10-minute time out.

The first step to change this to check what’s happening on at an energetic level.
Pick an area in your business (or life) that’s not working for your right now. Anything that makes you feel less than great.

For example:  I’m not signing up enough paying clients in my business
In the soil on the next page write out all everything that you don’t like about this one situation.

All of this is buried in the soil. The topsoil is what’s upper most in your mind but as you start to write (and I encourage you to print this Summary out and write it out starting in the bottom block) those thoughts deeper in the background of your mind will come out.  This is getting to the deeper and deeper level in the soil. Write them all down – even on another page if you need to.




Step 2

Now move up to the weeds growing out of this soil.
Looking at what you wrote, how does that make you feel? Label those emotions and feelings.

If you’re not sure take a moment to read over what you wrote in step 1 and acknowledge how that makes you feel. Now move to the next page and write down all those emotions and feelings on the page above the weeds.

For example:  I feel disheartened, I feel heavy, I feel like giving up, I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, It feels like such hard work, It’s exhausting, it’s frustrating, I feel desperate, I feel heart broken, It’s heart breaking, I feel so heavy – don’t worry if you repeat anything or if you’re doing it right, whatever is flowing out of your pen is right for you.

These are the weeds that are growing from that soil below. They are the natural result of all those under the surface and deeper scenarios that are feeding them, but you do have the power to change that, keep going…


Step 3

Now looking back at what you’ve written so far, move to the budding flower.
What emotions would you prefer or love to feel instead?

Hint, if you’re not sure, just go back to what you wrote in the weeds and write the opposite in the stem towards the budding flower.

Continuing with the example this might look like: I want to feel joy, I wish I could feel light, I’d love to feel inspired to keep going, to feel easy, It’s energising, it’s inspiring, I feel calm, I feel eager, I feel joy, It’s invigorating, to feel so happy and light.





Step 4

You should already have started to feel better.

Depending how bad your situation, moving from Step 1 right to here isn’t always easy or possible. Sure you can think of the positive emotions and experiences you would like, perhaps. However, to actually feel them if you’re right at the other end of the spectrum is not possible in one giant leap. This is the true meaning of baby steps.

In this step you will be writing in the open flower what you want instead? What would you love in your business you don’t yet have? Again, if you get stuck, just look back at what you wrote in the first 2 steps and write the opposite.

In this example that might look like:  I’m putting myself out there, and so many are coming, It’s so easy and light, I have no problem getting people to sign up for freebies and they’re so easy to convert, it’s just as easy to sign people up for paid offers as freebies, I get so many rave reviews from clients, it’s so easy money is just flowing to me, all my clients pay before I even send an invoice, my clients are great payers, they’re all so willing to do the work and get great results, I’m fully booked, I have so many paying clients.


Step 5

Fabulous, now you have started to change your energy in the direction of what you do want. The next step is to write down, if you could have those new emotions and experiences (in your business) what will you be able to do, be or have?

Write this down in the sky all around the flower. Once this starts happening and I start to feel this then I will be able to be, do or have…..

For example:  Once I have all of this I’ll be able to relax and enjoy my business, I’ll be able to quit my day job, relax about money, pay the bills, buy myself luxuries, give my partner permission to quit, pay off my credit card, feel abundant, reach so many more people and make the difference I always dreamed of

Now go ahead and fill this in around your new flower garden.

Now you know how to shift your energy anytime you’re feeling low or stuck in your business, use this it only need take 10-15 minutes. Place the final picture where you can see it each day to keep you focused.

If you’d like to find out more about what I do or how to work with me feel free to connect by booking a 30 minute chat here:

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