Calming Exercise

Calming Exercise

Exercise to Calm Yourself

These exercises where provided from the HeartMath Institute.


  1. Focus on Your Heart
  2. Close your eyes.
  3. Gently focus your attention in the centre of your chest
    – in the area of your heart.
    (Most people think that the heart is on the left side of the chest, but it’s really closer to the center, behind the breastbone.)
    If you like you can put your hand over your heart to help.
  4. Heart Focused Breathing.
    As you focus on the area of your heart imagine your breath is flowing in and out through your nose into this area of your body.  This helps your mind and energy to stay focused in the heart area and to synchronize your breathing and heart rhythms.
  5. Breathe slowly and a little deeper than you’re used to.
    Breathe into the count of 4, 5 or and out to the same.
    Do this until your breathing feels smooth and balanced, not forced. Continue until your emotions have become calmer and the emotional charge around issues or thoughts has become more neutral. If your mind wanders just gently shift your attention back to the area of your heart.
  6. Heart Feeling:
    Make a sincere attempt to recall a positive feeling by remembering a time when you felt a sense of comfort or calm inside and try to re-experience it. You can remember a beautiful place in nature that you like to visit, or a person you love or care for, a pet or a favourite activity. It can also be a feeling of appreciation or gratefulness for people or experiences. Bring these feelings into your heart area and attempt to re-experience them as you breathe easily and deeply.


Repeat daily or as required

Download Calming Exercise

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