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Ulwazi Learning and Development Centre, is a non-profit organisation helping keep kids off the street.

Ulwazi, is the initiative of Lumka Johannes.

Lumka grew up and lives in a poor community in Cape Town.  Here she is addressing crime at the route.  She knows the kids here get into crime and gangs because they don’t have any other choice, it is the only option for them.  She’s giving them another choice.


In these communities, many of the kids come from single parent households and often their caregivers are abusive.  But this isn’t the biggest problem.

The biggest problem is the parents, even if they are not abusive need to work to put food on the table.  To do this they need to travel long distances meaning they leave for work very early in the morning and get back late at night.

This means their children have to get themselves too and from school either walking long distances or by taxi.  When they come home, as there is no one to supervise them they don’t tend to do their homework but rather go out and have fun in the park or down the street.

This makes them vulnerable to the wrong crowd and gangs.

They are introduced to drugs and alcohol which is way more fun than school when there is no one to check on them.  Once they are hooked on drugs they have to start stealing to feed their habit.  What starts small becomes bigger and bigger until the violent crime on the streets is rampant.

The parents are oblivious to this until it is too late.  They’re too busy trying to make enough money to get by.

This is where Lumka and Ulwazi Learning and Development Centre comes in.

These after care centres are a safe haven where kids can have their homework supervised, learn new skills, be fed nourishing food and just be kids.

This initiative started in 2018 when Lumka had a dream.  With encouragement in the school holidays she took leave from her own job to help kids in her community.  She put word out and in the first day 10 registered, by the end of the first week there were over 30 kids! There is a real need and with my and your help this can be addressed.

Lumka currently runs this from her own house, as an after care facility.  Here she takes these kids in, supervises and helps them with their homework and teaches them life skills.  In her own time she is studying to be a teacher so she can help even more.


Lumka has been trained by Towards Health in EFT or Tapping so she teaches them this tool, along with meditation, to help with both learning and with emotional challenges.  These are powerful tools for them to use for their daily challenges living in the community they live in.

Towards Health is 100% behind Ulwazi and donates 10% of all earnings to this initiative.  You can help too by donating

Contact Nicky

Mobile: +27 (0)64 739 2536  |  Email:

    Contact Nicky

    Mobile: +27 (0)64 739 2536  |  Email: 

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