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Comments from our clients...


'Thanks to Nicky for hosting such a lovely gathering. It was a real blessing to meet everyone and the day was very special. I can't wait for the next event!'

"I thoroughly enjoyed my first healing circle and loved both the group exercises and the individual treatments. I value and appreciate the feedback I received and am definitely taking action on them. It's good to know that I'm on the right track and that I should prioritise more down time. I do feel much more calmer and relaxed and spent my Sunday napping for most of the day :P Thank you so much!"

"Firstly, sincere thanks to both Yolandi and Nicky for the amazing treatments I received.  I left feeling absolutely amazing! I was completely relaxed, rejuvenated, restored and renewed in  mind, body and spirit.  I also felt incredibly blessed and enriched to have shared this very special time with Nicky, Yolandi and Aneeka.  Thank you too for the little closing meditation to end our time together.  It was such a meaningful and fun exercise!"

I woke up this morning with a definite shift in energy. A – Cape Town, South Africa

I would love to give you feedback from your session, as it was so incredibly effective!
As you will remember, inspiration was the key experience I was asking for.
The first inspiration that came to me was a realisation: I saw that I had become fixated on word counts, programmes and worrying about my speed, and so I had lost touch with the pleasure of the process and the characters. 
I did some meditations, and asked the characters to help me out, and I really felt the presence of my Writing Angels and my father’s support.
My desire to write really took hold over the weekend — I wrote on Saturday afternoon, and all of yesterday, and would have kept going had I not needed to be at work today. 
I am so grateful to you and so delighted, and so looking forward to our next session!

P – Cape Town, South Africa

Over the past few years, Nicky’s EFT work has been a wonderful part of my life, and I have loved her gentle power, lack of judgement and insights. She has a great gift for healing.  
So I was intrigued — and excited — to experience her work with THETA. 
The session was truly amazing, and I am thrilled at the prospect of experiencing more.
My main request was for inspiration. I have been working on a big project for a while, but I have a way to go yet, and I was just not feeling it. My enjoyment and creativity seemed to have been lost along the way.
Unlike many other modalities, THETA did not require me to do anything, but to simply be there in a receptive frame of mind, and yet — while doing nothing — wellbeing washed over me and I felt deeply relaxed .
Nicky zoned in on emotions I had been feeling and limiting notions I had been telling myself, but the big key was when she told said she had seen a light glowing behind my shoulder. 
This coincided perfectly with a series of images that had come to me at the same time: of being with my late father, and feeling his support. 
I left the session feeling light and clear. I slept beautifully that night, and although I didn’t remember my dreams, I had a sense that my father had been there.
The next morning, my first insight came to me — that in all my planning, lists and deadline-making, I had forgotten to let the creative aspects of my project flow though me, and to enjoy the process.
I meditated and asked for just that. Again, I felt my father’s presence.
Over the next few days, I was filled with what I had requested: inspiration. Optimism and ease have come with that too, and I’m very much looking forward to the next session. As the card on Nicky’s table says, “Expect a miracle”. THETA was a lovely miracle for me! 

On Infinite Possibilities - “Positive changes started happening instantly in my life. The program managed to change my attitude completely, allowing success and prosperity to take root and removing a lot of blockages and self doubts. I am now allowing myself to receive wealth, instead of resisting it for no good reason.” RN - Durban

I have been struggling with chronic pain for a few years as a result of a severe back injury. Coming to terms with how it fundamentally changed my life was very hard to accept. Constant pain, frustration, fear and resentment became my best friends. The sessions with Nicky helped me finally start to heal and undo the negative impact it has had on my body and mind. The original injury is still there, and still causes issues from time to time, but I no longer feel completely broken and defeated by it.” RN - Durban

“I am experiencing so much release from blockages and working with Nicky’s EFT course specifically designed towards the creation of abundance, is powerfully helping to shift these blockages. I remained stuck in old behaviour patterns, until this work with Nicky. Like she said – you have to do the internal work as well.”

“Almost as soon as I started with the course, so many positive things started happening for me in my business. I am loving that I am back on track with saving and keeping a good eye on how money gets spent. There have been some AHA moments and realisations as to why things are the way they are.   Setting goals, knowing what is holding us back and learning how to fix it - what more could we ask for?”

A quick note to say thanks for the session last night, I have experienced a radical shift ... exactly what the doctor ordered.

Testimonial written in 2014 on a relationship that was healed in late 2011 and has remained so.

'Nicky has such great energy and is a beautiful, gentle therapist. She exudes non-judgement and trust so makes it a safe space to share and be open to healing. Through the EFT Tapping technique guided by her on a deep-rooted issue I had with a sibling, I found I could naturally forgive him and miraculously our relationship drastically improved. I am forever grateful and highly recommend Nicky.'

A quick note to say thanks for the session last night, I have experienced a radical shift... exactly what the doctor ordered. Very impressed by the Matrix Re-imprinting. The shift for me was that the failure scenario wasn't the only possibility, that is, failure wasn't inevitable, it was simply the outcome of a series of poor decisions. Rewriting the story as I would have preferred it to be has opened up a whole new scope of possibility. So I have been up much of the night working through a new strategy... doing things as I imagined. Facing the fear revealed just how much False Evidence Appeared Real and how easily the issue collapsed.

My shoulder has been stiff and painful since a car accident in 1987 – 25 years ago – so what one treatment has accomplished is phenomenal!!

Just thought I would give you feedback on ours BARS session last year. I told you that after the session my right shoulder and arm were more functional and without pain and that I also had decreased pain in my right hip. Well, I am so very happy to be able to tell you that my shoulder and arm continue to improve daily! No pain, more movement – it's a miracle!!! My hip has also been much better and I have noticed that it really only goes into a painfully spasm now when my husband has one of his hissy fits and verbally attacks me. I can immediately feel it seizing up – so need to work more on that.

Thank you so much, it's wonderful to be able to see such a marked improvement after one session! Are you coming back to Joburg anytime soon? Please let me know as I definitely want another session!! - Johannesburg

Just to provide you with feedback. I had a really restful night last night. I woke up this morning energised and managed to chant (my buddhist practice) for about 10 minutes. I then asked for some answers from the universe - and got such amazing answers. So thank you for freeing up whatever needed to be to get me energised and in creation mode again. SW – Cape Town

Nicky and I had our tapping session over Skype as I live in Johannesburg. I was a little sceptic about the power of the session, as it was over the “internet” per say but I was blown away by how well it worked out.

The tapping we did around cravings was incredible. I had to taste the food items after the tapping and to my amazement the entire desire for them and the taste I so really “loved” was gone. To this day I don’t even see the product on the shelves in front of me - it is very powerful and healing – just like Nicky. MT

"I have started feeling like myself again one day after my session with Nicky. I have not felt like me for about six months, with all manner of massive pressures and stresses arriving all in one short half a year. I have peace. Thank you so much." MT - Joburg

"I can't tell you how happy I feel like all my senses, my feelings and most of all my heart have awakened together for the first time.  I'm seeing and feeling a new world for me.  Nicks, I can't tell you how much energy I've had this weekend - no afternoon nap - not even a thought of it - yesterday I was baking (I don't do that), singing and cooking (I never cook at the weekend) all day yesterday on an absolute high.  Just so happy being me.  You know what's really lovely - my confidence is soaring - I feel I can do anything I want to!  I can never thank you enough, Nicky."  JB

Dear Nicky, I wanted to share that the work we did in our EFT / Quantum Touch and Kinesiology combo session generated recalibration on many levels, and I am truly grateful to you for being such a natural catalyst and allowing the space for healing to take its course. Both my mother and I were affected by this one meeting with you. We experienced release around the same issues held over from my childhood and our relationship. The platform for healing was created in our session and continued during the night with a dream I had. Where, for the 1st time my mother had the courage to stand up for me and protect me. When I told her about the dream the next morning she burst out in tears, sharing that she had just come out of a meditation where she saw me as an embryo in her womb and I was "re-birthed". How's that for a new enriched beginning! Thank you for shining your light in the world dear Nicky, your radiance is greatly treasured.

After Matrix Reimprinting Session - "thank you again for the session last night, life changing for me" KM

Nicky's quiet and delicate approach allows her clients to access deep blocks and resources within, because they feel held, unrushed, safe and free to explore in their own time. KM

"Thank you so much for seeing me last month, I felt so good after and got clarity on certain things." M

2 days after a first session - "I have more self love and confidence today." L

"I recently got an email which showed a new glass viewing ledge that was built jutting out at the top of some USA building and when I opened the email my stomach literally turned because of the immense height that the pics were taken from straight thru this glass ledge. So I though that I would try doing EFT while looking at these pics and it worked!! I got no knot in my stomach or tingling in my legs which I got when I first opened the email!!!!!!" Anonymous - Cape Town

"My Crispy Cravings... Yes crisps were my biggest crave any time of the day or night! One day while chatting to Nicky she mentioned the EFT program to me and I felt an instant need to try this for myself. We booked an appointment and I was a bit nervous as I did not know what lay ahead and if this was right for me? Nicky started the EFT process and I started to relax and feel the effect of what we were doing and how it works. After my first session I could use EFT on my own referring to the homework notes given to me by Nicky. I knew my craving for crisps at 9.30pm was not healthy for me and before the EFT was not sure how I was going to overcome this unhealthy behaviour. Since my first session with Nicky this is no longer a problem for me." Anonymous - Cape Town

"I can't thank you enough Nicky, the pain I thought I was stuck with for the rest of my life, I have not only found as manageable, but it's now hardly even there to manage!" AB - Joburg

"It was so wonderful to be able to have a treatment over the phone, as I don't drive, and one I found noticable results from that day!" S - Cape Town

"Couldn't believe it, after only three weeks I've given up smoking, I don't even have the desire to smoke, this has never happened to me. Thank you." GS

“Like a magician, Nicky was playing with all of imagination in the Matrix, turning a regrettable series of moments into delicious and repeatable transformed experiences” KW

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Nicky Davies - Founder of Towards Health


Nicky Davies - Founder of Towards Health

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