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To Inspire is to breath life into, to uplift. This page is designed to give you little snippets of something that may inspire you in some way, to make your day a little lighter, brighter and with more life in it. You will find simple tips you can use in every day life.


Find inspiration in this Law of Attraction Success Story

The Journey of Life

You might think while I’m here in Spain I’m lazing around on the beach all day, having afternoon Siestas and partying all night.  Well maybe to an extent, after all I am here semi on holiday!  However exercise is one thing I’m getting plenty of too from long walks around the historical parts of town, along the board walks, up and down several flights of stairs at my hotel – why take the lift when you can walk right?  Well I’m also doing some running and as I was on my run this evening I got to thinking how like life my current running flow is. Read More...

"How can it get better than this?"

Use These Guidelines to Help Ease the Tension

You Make the Most of Relationships When You Share Power



Watch this to instantly raise your vibration

When you are feeling down or things not going your way, think of the last time you laughed out loud or just watch this and see how you feel.


"How can it get better than this?"

How can it get better than this is all about asking the right questions. Have you ever had a bad day and listened to what you are saying to yourself? In my experience it generally is something along the lines of 'typical – always problems' 'why does everything always happen to me?' 'why do taxi's always pull out infront of me?' or something along these lines. Do you find it helpful? Have you ever told yourself or the universe anything encouraging in these moments?

Well How Can It Get Better Than This? Is all about inviting something better. No matter how your day is going good or bad. If you're having a bad day, it invites it to get better, if you're having a good day, it invites it to get even better.

This question and more from it come from Access Consciousness and Afformations. The most important point to remember is 'just ask the question' don't look for the answer that will come up in your experience, which is why it is so important what questions you ask.

Here are some comments from people who have used this with great success.

How Can It Get Better Than this? Surfing with Dolphins
Just have to share my story of this technique (the "How can it get better than this?" question and other Af-for-mations have certainly been the BEST discovery of 2011 - thanks Nicky)

On 31 December I went for an early morning surf in Cintsa. I caught one wave and rode it all the way to the beach and was SO stoked that as I paddled out again, I thought "How Can it Get Better than this?" and then about 400m ahead of me in the waves I noticed a pod of Dolphins jumping in the water and I commented out loud - "WOW, how can it get better than this?". 5 minutes later, I was sitting on my board out on the back line and in my peripheral vision I noticed some movement - I turned and there was a pod of dolphins swimming straight towards me. They literally swam up to me, swam around my board and there was a mom with a baby, showing off her child. I sat on my board crying my eyes out because I was so touched, moved and inspired by the beauty and magic of life. When they swam off, I commented out loud again "Wheeeeuw, how can it get better than this?"
When I finished my surf, I was climbing the stairs back to our house and the neighbours were walking down... "Was it you with the dolphins?", he enquired. "I thought it was such a magical moment, that I got my video camera out and filmed it, would you like me to email the video to you?"
How can it get better than that?

How Can It Get Better Than This?  Dread meeting turned to windfall - true story
On my favourite project - our eco house in PTA - the contractor has lost his marbles and the wretched individual insists on only talking to us through his lawyer. So today I had a dread meeting planned with the owner to explain why the project has ground to a halt and he will only move in in March, now a wretched three and a half months behind schedule because of this dodgy contractor.

Also - we have heaps of extra costs we have to carry because of the delay. This morning my finance lady came with the bad news that we are short of R80K to pay suppliers on this project. Urgh! Knowing this, I had to go to see the client and come clean about the delays...

So on the way I said 'How can it get better than this' in my head, and then braced myself for the meeting.

I explained and spoke and showed my concern and explained my alternative plans and all the things I had done to ameliorate the situation. And... instead of expressing his dissatisfaction, he praised our service and gave me an additional R80K in fees!!
I am blown away: short R80K and then handed the exact amount two hours later by the very chap who was entitled to roast me. 
Hmm, but it does get better than that. First I was on 702 this morning, then had a great meeting with Gerda, then the money gift, then took delivery of my new car. I got back to the office in my beautiful new toy to find a bouquet of my favourite flowers (roses) on my desk - from my staff, just because they think I am 'awesome'. Isn't that amazing???

I love reading this post. Thanks to all of you who contribute, and to Donna and Nicky who give me such incredible support.
Mich (Mrs Green)

How Can It Get Better Than This?  From crashing computer and failing body to full flow of clients
After my computer crashing, spraining my back and a third thing that I have conveniently blocked out, I thought "how the hell can it get better than this" ?
Well, today the answers came thick and fast :
Got a call from business client for coaching work this month - repeat business - 13 people- yay !
Got a referral for a new business coaching client ... started out as coaching one person but turned into consulting 3 people
Met a friend for coffee and was asked to join Cape Town Activa as a service provider which promises to be HUGE in Cape Town for entrepreneurs.
Made an appointment to meet with another potential business coaching client

How Can It Get Better Than This? From stuck in traffic to ambulance escort
Someone running late for an appointment, stuck in traffic with no hope of finding getting anywhere near it on time could do nothing more than 'How Can It Get Better Than This?" and a few minutes later an ambulance with its siren on came past her, she was able to slip out behind it and have a free run to make it to her appointment on time. How could it get better than that?
Also from

How Can It Get Better Than This? Unplanned parking fee to free parking
From my own experience, a great illustration how sometimes what you think is a good idea is nowhere as good as it could be if you just let go and allowed.

I went to lunch with friend and to run some errands, banking and cleaning car etc. Intention was to have a productive day and nice catch up with friend all with free parking! If time was getting to one hour, I was going to drive around the block to get second hour free.

Now this is how, How Can It Get Better Than This works.
We were heading back to the car park after lunch just under an hour later, but not much. When we got to the pay, my friend was charged R7 for her car, we must have been 1 minute over the hr if that. This isn't much but as I wanted free parking I was at first in resistance, however I caught myself before I got too mad and asked out loud.
How Can It Get Better Than This?
My friend had to leave, however I decided as 1-2hrs was the same price, rather than pay now, as I was going to have to pay anyway why not finish my errands that would take less than an hour. I did all my errands and also fitted one or two more in, still in the R7 range went to pay the ticket. I went to pay, but low and behold my ticket was now unreadable!! Grrr... What a debarcle, mutter mutter
Why….. Oops, had to stop myself and ask out loud.
How Can It Get Better Than This?
I went to find out who I can speak to about ticket not working, my heart feels like a heard of wild horses is going on the rampage and my face feels like a lobster roasting in the sun!!!! Not feeling too good about this question working but what the heck I'll ask it again.
How Can It Get Better Than This?
I eventually get to parking office showing them my ticket is in perfect condition only 1.5hrs old and unreadable, what do I need to do take the machine to elocution lessons? OK I didn't say the last part, but I was struggling to maintain my composure at this point so needed to ask once again.
How Can It Get Better Than This?
Well the parking attendant tells me to drive around and he'll let me out. I drive by offering my money but nope, I didn't have to pay - so I got my free parking after all. Not only that but way more done than I had planned and it was over 1.5hrs free.
Does it get any better than that?
There are many many more examples of this, if you want your true story posted here email me here.

Use These Guidelines to Help Ease the Tension

by Paul and Layne Cutright
Using the following guidelines for any difficult conversation will help make it easier and more rewarding - and more likely to result in greater harmony, intimacy, and trust in your relationship. One of the most important things to understand about communication is that your intention determines your results.

Often people have wildly different attitudes about resolving conflict. Many people have a win-or-lose point of view that can sabotage a learning and healing conversation. We have found it extremely helpful to establish "new rules for the game" to set the mood for such a dialogue. Following are the guidelines we've incorporated into our CURE (Conscious Upset Resolution Exercise), and they're good for any situation in which you're concerned that tempers may flair or feelings might get hurt:
I will communicate with the intention of producing more harmony and understanding in the relationship.
I will participate in a spirit of goodwill, being as honest as I can be.

I am committed to a mutually beneficial outcome, recognizing that if one of us loses, the whole relationship loses.
I intend to take responsibility for my own experience, knowing it reflects my personal thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and attitudes.
I intend to use any mistakes as a learning opportunity, and I will practice a forgiving attitude.
I will continue to communicate until we find a resolution that works for everyone involved.
I will use the situation to learn about myself and to become a better person.
I will keep this conversation confidential and not talk about it with others, unless we both agree otherwise.

You Make the Most of Relationships When You Share Power

by Paul and Layne Cutright
Use these five Cs of co-creation as a map for your exploration of the often bumpy road to collectively sharing power in personal and professional situations. The benefits of moving from adversarial "me versus them" to the co-creative "me and them" may be completely obvious, but how to go from principle to actually working with other people, deciding how to proceed, and resolving differences may not be. These five Cs should help.
COMMITMENT. Set your intention by deciding together what everyone wants to accomplish. Do you feel enthusiastic about this? Do you talk about it together often? What obstacles do you foresee, and how can you deal with them?

COMMUNICATION. Our relationships live in language, so what we talk about and how we talk about it determines the emotional climate of our relationships. Does your communication style foster safety and creativity? Are you communicating readily, honestly, and openly? Are there things you are afraid to discuss that need to be discussed? Are there any recurrent communication breakdowns, and is there a strategy in place so they can be avoided in the future? Does your communication include acknowledgment and gratitude? Is everyone giving effective feedback? Are you communicating your unified purpose to others in inspiring and enthusiastic ways?

COOPERATION. Cultivate the necessary attitude, where working together is motivated by an inner passion, not being forced by fear and the need to go with the flow of others' intentions. Are you able to find a common path through adversity, or is it everyone for themselves when the going gets tough? Are there any competing egos vying for the spotlight at the expense of others? Are you clear on the benefits of cooperation in this creative endeavor? What is at risk if you don't cooperate?

COLLABORATION. Use synergy so that everyone's ideas are vital to the whole. Are you able to express your ideas freely, without fear of judgment or ridicule? As a group, are you asking BIG questions that bring forth the talent of everyone involved? Is the system in which you are working set up to receive the avalanche of creativity you can generate?

COORDINATION. Synchronize action. What's the plan? Does everyone have an overview of how all the different parts are working together? Are you clear on individual areas of responsibility and accountability? What are the consequences, if any, for failure to perform? How often and in what form (phone, meetings, e-mail) do you need to communicate with one another in order to coordinate effectively?


"When you decide to tell the truth about your thoughts and feelings, the first step is to know the intention of your communication. This is important because your intention determines your results. If your intention is to create healing, intimacy, more harmony or more clarity, that's what will happen." by Paul and Layne Cutright, Straight From the Heart
Success using intention...

Intention working consciously:
I was due to travel to Europe on holiday. My partner was flying on a different airline to me, however the flight times were very close and we allowed 3 hours in Frankfurt to meet up and catch a pre-paid train, everything seemed to be in order.
On the day of travel, at the airport we discovered my flight, via Abu Dubai, was delayed 2hrs and it was not clear if I would make my connection or not. This meant I would be delayed arriving in Frankfurt by 12hrs as the airline only had minimal flights. The airline was not legally bound to assist me given the train travel was a separate booking.
At this point my parnter became visably agitated and distressed due to the travel arrangements, the money paid and lack of communication on the flight delay. This was evne more stressful as neither of us had a cell phone that would work in Europe, making contacting each other there all the more complicated.
There are 2 ways I could have gone at this point. I could have got stressed out, panicked, worried about all the possible pitfalls, cursed the airlines, really focussed on all the disasters and terrible things this situation was now going to bring to me. Alternatively, given I had no control over the situation, nothing I could do could influence the airline to get a move on and speed up the flight, fix their technical problems or even make the flight in Abu Dubai wait for me, I could focus on what I wanted to happen, put an intention out there and leave it to something more powerful than me to bring about what I wanted. I chose the latter and literally consciously set an intention for a miracle by sending out a plea via sms to 2 very good friends briefly explaining my predicament and asking for help to pray for a miracle. I had no idea how that miracle could happen, as with every passing moment the situation seemed to get more and more dire; the flight became further delayed, my travel companion left for Joburg and was out of contact, and the last straw was 4 of us were called up and told 'we would NOT make our connection in Abu Dubai' and we would be put on another airline. At this point they did not know when the new flight arrived in Frankfurt and all the options they presented us would not allow us to disembark in Joburg (SAA legal rights). The officials gave us limited options by sticking to the original routing via Abu Dubai, as that is what we booked (given it was half the price of a direct route in my case).
This was not the miracle I had been hoping for, however I continued to think about the end result I wanted and imagine arriving in Frankfurt in plenty of time to meet up with my partner and catch our connecting train. This was totally unlikely given the circumstances and looking at it logically. Amazingly I felt completely calm and just believed a miracle would happen - somehow. I then had a thought and asked the official why we couldn't go on an SAA flight to Joburg, where there were more flights to Frankfurt, possibly we could catch the evening direct flight to Frankfurt getting there close to the original time of arrival given that Frankfurt was the final destination for all 4 of us in a similar predicament. This had not occured to them. After several phone calls, many long winded escorts the wrong way down corridors, through security, a scenic route via passport control, not to mention the many hours of waiting, we eventually found ourselves confirmed on a flight direct to Frankfurt from Joburg due to arrive 20 minutes before my partner's flight. I was now enroute to Joburg at approximately the same time as my partner was touching down in Joburg - whohoo, now we could meet up in Joburg and relax on the next leg!
Wow, the miracle happened, from here on its the cleshe happily ever after.
The miracles to come out of this flight delay and my subsequent intention were:

  • I got on a much shorter flight, that had I paid would have cost 2ce the price
  • I got airmiles on SAA I wouldn't previously have got
  • I got to wait around in Joburg in the SAA lounge given I was now on a SAA flight
  • The flight I was originally on was fully booked, this flight was half empty so I got 3 seats to myself, 2 pillows and 2 blankets and a good nights sleep
  • The meetup at the other end was in the same terminal instead of separate terminals so went much smoother than likely on the original flight.

Intention working consciously - success stories:

Intention to Increase Sales
VB: I really have enjoyed Nicky's posts on "setting the intention". I tried it last week Nicky, I set an intention to make 10 sales last week, and I ended up making 7 sales! This week Tuesday 2 August I was busy driving to my first client and set an intention to make 5 sales that day, and I ended up making 4 sales for that day! So I was on cloud 9! So I have decided to "set intentions" for other things too. And as you say Nicky, just set the intention, and have a positive expectation, without getting too "worked up" about how its going to happen.
Intention working unconsciously - success stories:

Unconscious Intention to find lost book – story 1
On Monday morning GT saw a lecturer she had not seen for a number of months. Some time ago he gave her a book together with a book she bought from him. When she saw him out of the blue one day, she was reminded of this book and told him she thought she'd lost the book he gave her and then carried on with daily life. That night during her clean up she found her book.

Unconscious Intention to find lost book – story 2
I also had an experience of Intention working unconsciously. I recently had a major spring clean of my home to clear some clutter out of my life, again working with intention consciously (a story to be shared at another time). Two days before this cleanup I was in contact with a colleague who reminded me of an NLP book I had many years ago and had not seen for 2 years or more, infact since I'd moved house. I had tried to search for this book on many occasions before with no success. I had all but given up hope of ever finding it. The day before my cleanup, I wrote an email to this colleague where I put in there I would hopefully find this book during my cleanup. This was not setting an intention, it was part of the conversation I was having with her and just hoped I'd find the book but didn't think much more about it as I had lots of other more important things to find.
So what happened, yes you guessed it. I was filling away a huge pile of paperwork and what fell out infront of my eyes but the NLP book, I could hardly believe it. It was only then I remembered the email I had sent.

Unconscious Intention to bring about computer help
I was busily multi tasking as usual, my computer getting slower and slower bringing me the realisation that I can’t put the inevitable off much longer – I need a new computer even if it means a lot backing up, loading of software etc, that I really don’t have time for.  So, I started investigating only to find other than not having the time, working out the computer I need was beyond me I needed some help.  I started an email to the first person that came to mind, who I thought could help, attaching my options, however I decided not to send it as I needed to rush out on an errand, so rather than him call me when I was out I mentally made a note to send it on my return.
Well, what do you know, in the 4-5 years I’ve known this student I have never bumped into him on the way to my car, especially when its not even home time, only half way through the day and I work on a very large campus.  However half way to my car there he arrives on his way to his car parked right next to mine, a long way from where either of us work where there are hundreds of possibilities where we could park!  How is that, and I get to discuss my needs with him all the way to the car before we head off in opposite directions for our various errands.
How’s that for Intention bringing me the very solution I needed within less than an hour of putting it out there.

For more on intention, refer to August 2011 newsletter on working with intention, sign up on the home page.  If you have your own story about intention, let me know.

Nicky Davies - Founder of Towards Health


Nicky Davies - Founder of Towards Health


Nicky Davies - Founder of Towards Health


Nicky Davies - Founder of Towards Health


Nicky Davies - Founder of Towards Health


Nicky Davies - Founder of Towards Health

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